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Juice Goose Juice Goose (R) is an innovative, customer driven company that manufactures and distributes electric power distribution, conditioning and control equipment.

Founded in 1983: Juice Goose was the first company to provide voltage regulation products specifically for the audio industry. Since then the company has developed and maintained a reputation as an important, reliable supplier of electric power management products for several commercial markets in the United States and overseas.

Juice Goose is dedicated to providing top quality customer service and top flight products. Accessible technical support and available product inventory are the keys to Juice Goose performance. In addition to active, direct customer contacts we service our markets though a network of professional, independent sales representatives which supports our efforts in all major geographic territories.

The reliability and performance of the early Juice Goose voltage regulation products is the foundation for today’s dependable designs. Their reputation attracted a long list of noteworthy clients. We are proud of the many well known performers who have been supported by Juice Goose. A unofficial list includes:

Rolling Stones Starship Madonna
Prince   Boston Santana
Journey Bob Seger Chick Corea
Steppenwolf Yes Pearl Jam
Sting Toto Neil Diamond
Mick Jagger Willie Nelson Vince Gill
Fleetwood Mac  Stevie Wonder Janet Jackson
Metallica Amy Grant  David Bowie  
Stone Temple Pilots Paul McCartney Stevie Nicks  
U2 Steve Miller   Michael Jackson
Los Lobo Grateful Dead  Keith Emerson


Early 1990s: Juice Goose developed a presence in the commercial audio market with the introduction of a new line of power sequencing and control products. We made these products easy to install, convenient to use and reliable. Turning on equipment in another location became as easy as pushing a button. Sequencing the turn on and turn off became automatic.

Mid 1990s: Juice Goose entered the telecommunications market with a line of DC power distribution products. Since then we have added telecommunications customers in diverse areas of the telecommunications market, including OEMs, contract equipment installers, distributors, independent telephone operators, fiber optic long distance carriers and government agencies, in the US, South America, the Philippines and India.

2000s: With the increased presence of electronic technology in sports and entertainment venues, sound amplification has become a bigger part of the entertainment experience. Juice Goose PD Series power distribution became an established choice for contractors in hallmark facilities around the country, including:

Washintong Nationals Park
Miller Park
Busch Stadium
Red Bull Arena
Target Field
Fenway Park
Boston Garden
Cameron Indoor Stadium
Yankee Stadium
Citizen’s Bank Park
Lincoln Financial Field
Camden Yards
PNC Park








During the past decade Juice Goose added UPS battery support products to its commercial AV market offerings. These include a broad selection of line interactive and true on-line models, rack or tower mounted in sizes from 600 VA to 3,000 VA.

The Juice Goose RX Series Hybrid AC Filter technology was introduced in this decade. Performance of this circuitry matches or exceeds that of much more expensive products in filtration of AC line interference and protection against dangerous voltage spikes.

More new Juice Goose products are on the way. And, as always, we will back them with a disciplined manufacturing process and unflinching customer support.

Rack mount power - JG Jr.NXRT-1500-PRO



Thirty Years Ago !
Juice Goose introduced the first Power Conditioners in the commercial audio industry when our constant voltage isolation transformers began selling in 1983. 


That was before most of our competitors were founded.
– – –
It’s true we started the conversation about power quality that’s still going on today.
– – –
Over the past 30 years we’ve continued our innovative ways, pioneering and inventing power management products that reduce cost and increase performance for systems integrators. We were the first in this industry with an isolation transformer, first with a custom configured power strip and first to sell UPSs in the AV market.
– – –
We thought you’d appreciate this retrospective as we prepare for National Juice Goose Month, October 2013.

Voltage Regulation
voltage regulation
This device (circa 1983) was used to convince skeptics that a Juice Goose isolation transformer could maintain a constant 120 volt output when incoming power sagged. Then, as now, poor AC power quality was causing equipment problems in performance venues.
– – –
Churches and warehouses converted into clubs and theaters became the proving grounds for durable Juice Goose power conditioners.
– – –
As time went by, the biggest names in the entertainment and broadcast industries learned to rely on Juice Goose for stable, clean electric power, in the US and overseas.

Silencing Ground Loops
RP300How common is an AC ground lift adapter in the audio industry?
– – –
The original rack mounted Juice Goose PD2 – later renamed the Rackpower 300 and 320 – had ten ground lift switches to individually break contact with the ground pin on each of the ten receptacles on the back of the unit.

– – –

A ground fault interrupt circuit shut off power in the event of a wiring hazard.

No More Wall Warts
12paq Suppose you had a rack with six devices. Each one had a wall wart power supply. The Twelve Paq might have been your direct power solution.
– – –
The rack mounted Twelve Paq produced two AC voltages and four DC voltages from six ports on the back of the unit, eliminating the need for wall warts all together.
– – –

Special cables determined which voltage came out of each power port.

Revolutionizing Sequencing
cq2200We did away with the old fashioned master control technology that added to cost and detracted from flexibility.
– – –
Twenty years ago Juice Goose introduced a unique way of letting power sequencing modules talk to each other and link up in any order and combination desired.
– – –
Because of this innovation the CQ Series maintains its competitive advantage for small or large power control networks.
– – –
For more information go to CQ Series


Custom Assembled Power 
PD1BCustomer Service is something we do well. Apply that to the task of building a multiple circuit power strip to specification and delivering it on time and you have a huge success for Juice Goose.
– – –
The first PD Series units were built for installation in movie theaters. Since then, they’ve been included in sports and entertainment venues and theme parks around the world.
– – –
For more information go to PD Series

Super Clean Ground 
RX 10-SCSHave you heard that ground contamination is a problem? Do you want to do something about it?
– – –
Dare to compare. The Juice Goose RX Series limits ground line surges to no more than 1/2 volt. We can prove it. 
– – –
For more information go to RX Series

Web Based Power Control
iP 1520As close to plug-and-play as an IP addressable power strip can be –
and quite economical with a list price of just $599 – the new iP1520 gives you On / Off control anywhere in the world you have internet connection.The iP1520 is simple, reliable and affordable – three key features of all Juice Goose products.

– – –
For more information go to iP 1520

In Wall Power Sequencer

Is your powered speaker cluster a hang-up? Ever want an easy way to turn it off and on?Say “hello” to Qiwi. This in-wall power sequencer fits in a three gang space and integrates with all other CQ Series power sequencer models.

With the use of Qiwi (Model CQ-1), a single activation point can turn on an entire AV system, included distributed, powered speakers.

– – –
For more information go to CQ-1See also the Piwi, web based version of the same product. Go to iP-1.

Juice Goose Heritage
We’ve been around this long because of the loyalty of our customers. That loyalty is hard earned and something we truly value. To support our customers needs, everything we do must be of high quality. That’s been our belief for thirty years.


So, in recognition of our heritage and our commitment to continuing innovation and customer service we hope this October you’ll join us in celebrating National Juice Goose Month.


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