Crafted in Texas

Wathen Reference Speakers are designed, engineered and crafted in Houston, Texas


with quality as the number one focus. We utilize artistic spirit and American pride as we research, design, engineer and build each system. We want to share a little of our family passion with you.

Stunning Cabinetry
Our speakers offer a painted finish that capitalizes the magnificence of Wathen speakers. Beyond the beauty lies a world of wonderful sound reproduction. Therein is a unique curved design that exemplifies the reproduction of sound while complimenting the room with a beautiful piece of furniture. Hand crafted and finished with a patent pending design gives you the best product on the market with personal detailed quality attention.

Premier Components
Wathen uses the highest quality drivers and crossover components available. As a result of rigorous testing they have been selected to provide an artful blend of technology.

Simplicity in Crossover Design
Wathen maintains the desirable design utilizes the fewest necessary electronic components between the amplifier and driver. We believe excessive components both rob the impact and life from the original source material and decrease the expected life span of the system.


Sound Accuracy
In seeking a high fidelity reference speaker one should decide on a speaker that adds nothing to the sound. The goal is to replicate the musical instruments and/or voices exactly as they were in the original recording. Wathen builds speakers that have an uncolored, transparent and effortless presentation of the program material.